Why Study Business Management ?

Business Management refers to all activities involved in running a business. Lt includes planning controlling leading and monitoring. Management is about organizing people motivating them to achieve the organization’s goals. As a manager you will provide leadership, set goals and implement strategy, oversee budgets and targets, monitor recruitment, training and organization of stuff and see compliance with company regulations and policies. A good manger must have the right qualification to empower him or her to use the available time and resources effectively.

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A Bright Future !

Yes. Definitely business management a good diploma. … This helps in learning to manage people, work as a team and align them so that everyone could work together to achieve the goal. Career Improvement: Many companies consider management diploma as one of their primary criteria while hiring for a job. When you have finished your studies, you can apply for professional memberships. They will give you an opportunity to meet like career minded people. You will also have increased opportunities for employment.

    Admissions for this course will allow students to obtain credits to most University of Technologies by passing all N4, N5, N6 subjects with at least 50% in each subject.


Business Management
Financial Accounting
Computer Practice


Business Management
Financial Accounting
Sales Management
Computer Practice


Business Management
Financial Accounting
Sales Management
Computer Practice

Academic Requirements

  •  Grade 12 Certificate
  •  NS Certificate or Equivqlent

Required Documents

  • Completed registration Form
  • Copies of your Metric or high school Diploma
  • Certified Copies of your ID, or Passport
  • Two ID sized passport photographs
  • Registration Fee of R500(non-refundable)
  • R50 for Compulsory Student id
  • An initial Deposit As specified in the course
N4R500 R2 500 R900R8 400 6 Months
N5R200R900R5 6006 Months
N6200R900R5 6006 Months
Exam Fee R200/Sem
  • Mechanical Engineer
  •  Design Engineer
  •  Materials Scientist
  •  Draughtsman
  •  Fabricator
  •  Process Controller/Technician