Why Study Educare ?

This course will oer you a sound base to start your own business and provide for the needs of the young children in your care. Educare equips you, the student with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work with children up to 4 old and start your own crèche. You will learn identify signs and symptoms of child illness, learn the methodology of planning and presenting lessons how to make equipment for class how to deal with stang issues, how organize budget etc.


A Bright Future !

The need for teachers is quite real. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011, employment of teachers is expected to grow by 13% between 2008 and 2018. … There is also a demand for teachers by subject, with certain academic areas needing teachers more than others. With an increasing number of pupils, and the demand for new teachers increasing, there are few signs that the problem will get any better in the short to medium term.

    • Admissions for this course will allow students to obtain credits to most University of Technologies by passing all N4, N5, N6 subjects with at least 50% in each subject. Successfully completing a Diploma in Marketing provides you with an NQF level 6 qualification.




Day Care Personnel
Child Health


Day Care Communication
Education Psychology
Educare Didactics
Theory and practical
Entrepreneurship & Business Management


Day Care
Education Psychology
Educare Didactics
Theory and Practical
Day Care Management

Academic Requirements

  •  Grade 12 Certificate
  •  NS Certificate or Equivqlent

Required Documents

  • Completed registration Form
  • Copies of your Metric or high school Diploma
  • Certified Copies of your ID, or Passport
  • Two ID sized passport photographs
  • Registration Fee of R500(non-refundable)
  • R50 for Compulsory Student id
  • An initial Deposit As specified in the course
Year 1R500 R3 000 R1 500 R21 500 12 Months
Year 2R1 500
R18 000 12 Months

Examation Fees:                                R200/Semester

  • Private Tutoring
  • Corporate Learning and Development
  • Student Learning Support
  • Education Liaison Positions
  • Human Resources
  • Museum role
  • Publishing
  • Youth worker.
  • Day Care Management.
  • Child Care Teaching Assistance.
  • Au Pair.
  • Early Childhood Development.